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ORICO Smart Charging Cable Box | 10 x MicroUSB|10 x Lightning/8Pin | 10 Type-C


The Orico Smart Charging Cable Box is the perfect retail display for Orico’s high quality mobile cables. This box comes with a total of 30 cables. These cables are split between 10 Android Micro USB, 10 Apple Lightning and 10 Type-C Cables. Orico has gone with an eye-catching tube design for the packaging around these cables, this not only makes them distinct from other brands but also shows consumers what their products look like within the transparent tubes.
Creative anti-pressure tube packaging
Tidy storage with own display shelf of 30 units
Three universal interfaces for most mobile devices
Quick charging with large current output of 2.4A
Long 1m cable length
Material: Thick Card + Plastic
Current: 2.4A
Capabilities: ChargeSync
What’s In The Box:
Orico Smart Charging Cable Box x1
1m Orico Android Micro USB Braided ChargeSync Cable – Silver x10
1m Orico Apple Lightning Braided ChargeSync Cable – Silver x10
1m Orico Type-C Braided  ChargeSync Cable – Silver x10

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