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WD Purple Pro 8TB 256MB 3.5″ SATA HDD


WD Purple™ Pro drives are designed for new generations of high-end AI-enabled recorders, video analytics appliances, deep-learning servers and cloud solutions that can benefit from high-capacity storage with high performance and additional workload capability. WD Purple Pro drives feature AllFrame™ AI technology, which helps reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback, and not only enables recording of multiple streams per camera but also supports up to 32 AI streams per drive for deep learning analytics within the system. WD Purple Pro drives also feature enterprise-class performance, data integrity and drive reliability, especially in larger-scale systems and enclosures where operational vibration is present.
With WD Purple™ Pro smart video storage, you have a drive engineered for high performance, durability and workload capability for advanced always-on AI-enabled smart video recorders, appliances, and servers. Efficiently and effectively extract value and insights from streamed and stored video, and help deliver a smarter world with advanced WD Purple Pro smart video storage.
All WD Purple™ Pro drives are equipped with AllFrame AI technology, which not only improves ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss and improve overall video playback but supports up to 32 AI streams for Deep Learning analytics within the system.
8TB Capacity
Engineered with advanced capabilities needed for high-end smart video solutions
High performance, reliability and workload capability
Supports up to 550 TB/yr workload rate
Support up to 64 HD cameras
Designed with tarnish-resistant components for harsh environments, and with additional robustness for multi-bay enclosures
Formatted Capacity: 8TB
Form Factor: 3.5-inch
Cameras Supported: Up to 64 HD
AI Streams: 32
Recording Technology: CMR
Tarnish Resistant Components: Yes
Interface Transfer Rate: Buffer to Host – 6 Gb/s, Host to/from the drive – 265 MB/s
Cache (MB): 256
RPM: 7200
Load/unload cycles: 600,000
MTBF(hours): 2,000,000
Annualized Workload Rating: 550TB/yr
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: 14.7 x 10.2 x 2.6 m
Weight: 715 g
WD Purple Pro 8TB 3.5 inch SATA Internal Hard Drive x1

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